Providing archaeological services for various types of property, building, and
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development projects for over 27 years!

PAST, INC. (known as Pacific Archaeological Sciences Team from 1995–2003) is a cultural resource management and contract archaeology consulting firm. Our main office is located is located in California with a satellite office in the State of Idaho. In general, our California office is primarily focused on projects involving the development of various properties in Kern County, Los Angeles County (including the City of Malibu), Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Luis Obispo County, and Ventura County, while our Idaho office mainly focuses on projects in the southwestern area of that state (e.g., Ada County, Canyon County, etc.).
Overall, PAST, INC. can provide a complete range of archaeological studies from Phase I field surveys and inventories to Phase II subsurface testing, and Phase III data recovery programs (mitigation). Other related services include excavation monitoring as well as the development of complete cultural resource management (CRM) plans, lithic studies, and archival research.
For more detailed information about our firm and services, please take a few moments to explore all of the other pages on this site, sending us an email at, or by calling our main office in Oak Hills, California at (818) 349-3353 (please note: like many other businesses, we are being inundated daily by unwanted marketing calls, if your call goes to our voice mail, please be sure to leave a message and we will call you right back - thank you!).
If you are interested in having us prepare a proposal for your project, the best way to contact us is by email ( For all our proposals, we require that our clients first provide us a map (site plan) depicting the size, shape, and location of the subject property as well as any other relevant information about the proposed work such as a project description and the identification of the agency and type of study that they are requiring (e.g., Phase I survey, Phase II subsurface testing, Phase III data recovery program, etc.). After this information is received, we will review all project materials and conduct a review of our extensive in-house records for the area. PAST, INC. will then develop a written proposed scope-of-work and cost estimate for the project; the details of which can be quickly transmitted back to our clients in a PDF file via email.

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Principal Investigator Barbie Getchell measuring a rockshelter in Ventura County, California

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