PAST, INC. is a cultural resources management and contract archaeology consulting firm. With offices in Los Angeles, California; Boise, Idaho; and Nashville, Tennessee, we provide professional archaeological consulting services throughout the United States. Originally established in 1995 as Pacific Archaeological Sciences Team (P.A.S.T.), the firm was restructured as PAST, INC. in 2003. Overall, PAST, INC. is capable of providing a complete range of archaeological studies from field surveys and inventories to test excavations, data recovery, and excavation monitoring programs as well as the development of complete cultural resource management (CRM) plans, lithic studies, and archival research.

Barbie Rockshelter

Principal Investigator Barbie Getchell measuring a rockshelter in Ventura County, California

Our firm is also the publisher of Knapper’s Quarterly, a publication for and about the knapper, which is available for purchase on our website at The ancient art of knapping (also commonly referred to as flintknapping) that is still practiced today by many people around the world involves the reduction of lithic materials such flint, chert, obsidian, basalt, quartzite, etc. and other materials such as glass and porcelain to create various tool, knives, bifaces, and projectile points. More recently, there is a growing trend in this endeavor to knap materials into eccentrically-shaped objects of art that are often used in the creation of beautiful and unique jewelry items or display pieces. The publication present a wide range of articles including experimental archaeology and lithic studies, stories about knapping efforts from around the world, etc. as well as profiles of modern knappers. Overall, our goals with this effort is to promote the work of modern knappers and to discourage interest in illicit relic collecting.
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On a cultural note, PAST, INC. also presents a look back at Cruising Van Nuys Blvd. in the late 1970s. This website includes numerous B&W photos, taken by John E. Atwood in the fall of 1978 and the spring of 1979, depicting a once longstanding tradition of cruising the Boulevard on a Wednesday night in Van Nuys (Los Angeles), California. While this famous cruising event (a movie based on this came out in 1979) primarily ended in the early 1980s, many people fondly look back at these bygone days as a time of innocent fun when cruising this street in the San Fernando Valley was the place to be seen and showoff the some fantastic vehicles (note: today, there is still a once a month cruising event, but it will never be the same as it was in the old days).

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